Web Services

What are Web Services?

Web services is a collection of technologies that allow systems to communicate directly to each other. This allows developers to easily write programs that can perform actions on another system. Web services requires being able to write code, this is not a technology that end users will be able to take advantage of directly.

CRMC's Web Services

CRMC offers web services for each of the trusts we administer claims for. Each trust has it's own service, but they all tie together based on a Claimant object (just like our website).

The services we offer:

    • C.E. Thurston and Sons

    • DURWS
      • Durabla Manufacturing Company and Durabla Canada LTD. Asbestos Trust
    • MVWS
      • Manville Personal Settlement Trust

    • NarWS
      • Narco Asbestos Trust

        • DocWS
          • Document service that allows upload/download of documents

        Web Service Methods and Objects

        Although they differ slightly most of the methods and objects in CRMC's web services are identical. Here you will find a document detailing the methods and objects available in all the web services that CRMC offers.

        Basic Information about Web Services

        Web Services are defined using WSDL. As a developer using (consuming) a web service, you will use the WSDL file to generate a interface to enable you to program against that service.

        *As a note, our services are written using Microsoft's .net framework and utilize WCF. You can use any language/platform that provides web service client functionality, but using a .net framework solution will probably be easier to implement.