PDF Document Submission

Document Submission using Box.com

One option for uploading supporting documents is to use our Box.com service to securely transfer files to CRMC. We’ll setup a folder that your firm can use to upload files to us quickly and securely.
In order to do so we ask that you follow these rules for submission.

  • File types
    • We require that firms submit documentation in the PDF format.
  • File names
    • We ask that firms name  files in such a way that we can match the file up with a claimant. We ask that firms name the files in the following format:
      • lastname_firstname-last4ssn-documenttype.pdf (or if you perfer you can use the entire ssn: 123456789.documenttype.pdf)
      • e.g.
        • smith_jon-1234-ilo.pdf
        • smith_jon-1234-ilo.1.pdf
        • smith_jon-1234-sup other.pdf
  • Excel workbook
    • Alternatively you can provide unique filenames and then in the same batch provide a table that matches each filename with a claimID and a formtype. For example you can provide the following files:
      • ABCDE12345.pdf
      • 12345ABCDE.pdf
    • And then provide a sheet with the following information:
      •  Filename ClaimID Formtype
         ABCDE12345.pdf 1234 ILO
         12345ABCDE.pdf 1235 Sup Other

  • Zipping
    • In order to keep track of which documents have been uploaded/when we ask that you zip all of your pdf files into one zip file and upload that file. In other words, don’t upload individual files to box. It’s also helpful if you name the zip file something descriptive like:
      • Nar-MedicalDocuments-Oct-2013.zip
If you're interested in submitting documents using Box, please contact us and we'll get you setup with a folder.

Other Document Submission Options

We offer other options for submitting supporting documents:
  • eclaims.claimsres.com
    • You can upload documents directly to a claim by logging in to www.claimsres.com, navigating to a claim and clicking the documents tab. You'll see options for uploading documents to that claim directly
  • web services [DocWS]
    • Web services offers the ability to upload documents, but requires significant programming experience
  • cdrom/usb/paper
    • These can all be sent to us through the regular old mail system. Our address
  • fax
    • our document fax number is: 703.205.5620