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Upload SimpleBatch

Upload Your Simplebatch Spreadsheet

After you have saved your spreadsheet you can then upload it to eClaims.

  1. Log on to eClaims (
  2. Under the menu 'Claims' click the option 'Upload Claims'

    1. *If you do not see this option you may not have the permission to upload claims. See here for information on obtaining upload approval.
  3. The Batch File Upload page gives you the option to browse for your newly created spreadsheet and upload it.

    1. Click the 'Browse' button and then select the spreadsheet you saved earlier.
    2. Click the 'Upload File' button.
  4. After eClaims processes your batch you will receive an email indicating the batch has been processed. 
    1. If you receive no message within 2 hours there may have been a serious problem with the batch file, please contact CRMC if this is the case.
  5. You can view reports of previous batches by clicking on the Reports tab and choosing Batch Report

    1. Select the Batch, and then click run.
    2. You can now download the acknowledgement and/or error report.