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Litigation Information

Litigation Information is as follows. The required information is bold.

  • LitigationDate
  • LitigationState
  • LitigationCountry
  • Court Name
  • DocketCaseNumber
  • TrustDefendant
    • yes/no answer to the question:
      • Was NARCO or Honeywell named as a defendant?
  • MoniesReceived
    • yes/no answer to the question:
      • Has the injured party ever received settlement monies related to this lawsuit from NARCO, Honeywell or their insurers?
  • AmountReceived
  • ClaimSubmitted
    • yes/no answer to the question:
      • Has a claim on behalf of the injured party ever been submitted to NARCO or Honeywell pursuant to an administrative settlement agreement?
    ClaimSubmitted Date
  • TollAgreement
    • yes/ no answer to the question:
      • Was the injured party or claimant a party to a tolling agreement with NARCO or Honeywell?
  • TollAgreement BeginDate
  • TollAgreement EndDate