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Substance Exposure

Substance Exposure information is as follows. The required information for any Substance Exposure information to be processed by the SimpleBatch system is in bold. If the minimum required information is not provided, no Substance Exposure data will be imported into eClaims.
  • ClaimantID or Claimant SSN; these values need to match exactly with the values in the NarIR-Claim worksheet
    • ClaimantID
    • Claimant SSN
  • Substance Exposure
    • valid entries include
      • (a) arsenic 
      • (b) beryllium
      • (c) cadmium 
      • (d) chromium
      • (e) coal dust 
      • (f) coal tar 
      • (g) fiberglass 
      • (h) lead 
      • (i) nickel 
      • (j) radiation 
      • (k) silica
      • (l) talc
      • (m) welding fumes
  • Description of Substance Exposure