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Litigation Information

Litigation Information is as follows. The required information for any litigation information to be processed by the SimpleBatch system is in bold. If the minimum required information is not provided, no litigation data will be imported into eClaims. Please see the requirements for each section.

  • TrustDefendant
    • yes/no answer to the question:
      • "Was NARCO or Honeywell named as a defendant prior to the Petition Date of January 4, 2002, based upon allegations that the injured party's alleged asbestos-related injury arose, in whole or in part, from exposure to NARCO asbestos-containing products?"
  • MoniesReceived
    • yes/no answer to the question:
      • Has the injured party or claimant ever received monies related to this lawsuit from NARCO, Honeywell or their insurers?
  • AmountReceived
  • ClaimSubmitted
    • yes/no answer to the question:
      • Has a claim on behalf of the injured party ever been submitted to NARCO or Honeywell pursuant to an administrative settlement agreement?
    ClaimSubmitted Date
  • TollAgreement
    • yes/ no answer to the question:
      • Was the injured party or claimant a party to a tolling agreement with NARCO or Honeywell?
  • TollAgreement BeginDate
  • TollAgreement EndDate