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IR Dependents[NAR]

IR Dependent Information is as follows. Required information is bold. All of the dependent information is in the NAR-IR Dependents worksheet. You must 'link' each dependent record to a claimant using either the ClaimantID or the Claimant SSN from the NAR-Claim worksheet.

  • ClaimantID or Claimant SSN; these values need to match exactly with the values in the Claim worksheet
    • ClaimantID
    • Claimant SSN
  • Dependent Last Name
  • Dependent First Name
  • Dependent MI
  • Dependent DateOfBirth
    • mm/dd/yyyy
  • Dependent Relationship
    • valid codes: Spouse_or_Partner, Child, Heir, Other
  • Dependent Relationship "Heir/Other" Description
    • if relationship is heir or other you must provide a description
  • Dependent Reside Question
    • yes/no answer to "Does the dependent reside with the injured party or the surviving spouse/partner?"
  • Dependent Employed Question
    • yes/no answer to "Is dependent employed?"
  • Dependent Income
  • Dependent Annual Support
Make sure you are using the 'Nar-IR Dependents' worksheet!