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Exposure Type Code Information

The following type codes are used by CRMC. Depending on the site being used the exposure type codes below can be used.

*Only when specifying a site of 'Not Narco' (4895) can you specify an exposure of i, ii, iii, iv, or v. If the claimant was exposed at an approved site you should use [Exposure Work CD] and [Exposure Work TypeCD].

TypeCD Description
i Handled raw asbestos fibers on a regular basis
ii Fabricated asbestos-containing products so that he/she in the fabrication process was exposed on a regular basis to raw asbestos fibers
iii Installed, altered, repaired, removed or otherwise worked with an asbestos-containing product such that he/she was exposed on a regular basis to asbestos fibers
iv Was employed in an industry and occupation such that he/she worked on a regular basis in close proximity to workers engaged in activities described in i, ii, or iii above
v None of the above