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Exposure Site Information

Exposure Site Information is as follows. Required exposure information is bold.

  • ExposureSite
    • Code provided by CRMC find the most recent worksite list under 'w' here
    • If the site/plant is not on the approved list, please use the code 583 (Not Qualified)
    • If the claimant was exposured at a site that did not have Narco asbestos containing production, please use the code 4895 (Not NARCO)
  • Not Qualified Items (NQ): all NQ items are required if and only if site code  (583 or 4895) is specified
    • CountryOfExposure(NQ)
    • SiteName(NQ)
    • State(NQ) required if USA
    • City(NQ)
    • Province(NQ)
      • use this field for non USA sites

*If you are unfamiliar with any of the codes please contact CRMC for assistance. It is very important that the correct codes are used.