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SaveSpreadsheet [MV]

Saving Your Spreadsheet [MV]

After you have filled in all of your Claimant/Claim information you can then save your spreadsheet.

  1. Choose File, then Save from the menu. Make sure that the 'save as type' is 'Microsoft Office Excel Workbook (*.xlsx)' .
  2. Choose a name for your spreadsheet. Microsoft Excel will usually suggest a name like MV-'SimpleBatch1.xlxs', but you may choose any name you like.
    1. Please note that the name of the file will be used as a batch name by eClaims. So if you choose the name 'batchA1', then eclaims will assign the batch name 'batchA1' to the batch.
  3. Choose a location for your spreadsheet. Make sure you remember where you save your spreadsheet so that you can upload it to eClaims.

After you have saved your spreadsheet you can upload it to eClaims.