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ClaimantInformation [MV]

Claimant Information [MV]

You must have the minimum required information for a Claimant for any information to be uploaded to eClaims. The required information for a Claimant is bold:

Claimant Information:

  • Trust
    • code provided by CRMC (Manville is MV, Thurston is CET)
  • FirmID
    • numerical code provided by CRMC
  • ClaimantID*
  • ClaimantLastName
  • ClaimantFirstName
  • ClaimantMI
  • ClaimantSuffix
  • ClaimantSSN
  • Complete Claimant Address*
  • ClaimantDateOfBirth
  • ClaimantDateOfDeath
  • ClaimantDeathAsbestosRelated
    • valid codes are 'yes' or 'no' [without quotes]; requried only if there is a ClaimantDateOfDeath
  • ClaimantGender (M or F)

*ClaimantID is provided by CRMC for claimants that already exist in our system. (this allows you to file a new claim for an existing claimant). If you provide a ClaimantID, Trust and FirmID are required.
*If there is a ClaimantDateOfDeath do not fill out information for the Claimant Address, instead you must provide complete Representative Information for the Claimant.