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Simplebatch for the Manville Trust

A Simple approach to uploading claims.


Simplebatch is a new way for users to upload a batch of Claimant and/or Claim information to eClaims. Users will be able to create a spreadsheet using the popular Microsoft Excel program and to upload this file to eClaims for processing. 

How it Works

Simplebatch is simply an Excel spreadsheet formatted in such a way that eClaims can recognize the correct fields and extract the data. For this reason you must use a template provided by CRMC to create your spreadsheet. Just creating a spreadsheet with the same column names as the template will not work.You must use the template!

Creating a Simplebatch

Creating a Batch requires the following steps:

  1. Opening the template provided by CRMC
  2. Filling in the appropriate fields
  3. Saving your batch
  4. Uploading your batch
    1. *If this is the first time submitting you must submit a test batch before the upload option is available.

After you've created your batch you can upload your claims to our website. Please contact us for instructions.

*If you have any questions please contact CRMC by phone (800)536-2722 or by email inquiry@claimsres.com. We also offer alternative methods for data upload, please contact us for further information.