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Claimant Information

The required information for any claimant information to be processed by the SimpleBatch system is in bold. If the minimum required information is not provided, no claimant data will be imported into eClaims.

Claimant Information:

  • FirmID
    • numerical code provided by CRMC
  • ClaimantID*
  • Law Firm identifier
    • code provided by Law Firm; for Law Firm convenience, not required
  • ClaimantLastName
  • ClaimantFirstName
  • ClaimantMI
  • ClaimantSuffix
  • ClaimantSSN
  • ClaimantGender (M or F)
  • Complete Claimant Address*
  • ClaimantDateOfBirth
  • ClaimantDateOfDeath
  • ClaimantDeathAsbestosRelated
    • valid codes are 'yes' or 'no' [without quotes]; requried only if there is a ClaimantDateOfDeath
  • ClaimantDeathLastState