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Simplebatch [CET]

A Simple approach to uploading claims.


Simplebatch is a new way for users to upload a batch of Claimant and/or Claim information to eClaims. Users will be able to create a spreadsheet using the popular Microsoft Excel program and to upload this file to eClaims for processing. This ‘one table’ approach allows users to intuitively and quickly submit Claimant/Claim information.

How it Works

Simplebatch is simply an Excel spreadsheet formatted in such a way that eClaims can recognize the correct fields and extract the data. For this reason you must use a template provided by CRMC to create your spreadsheet. Just creating a spreadsheet with the same column names as the template will not work.You must use the template!

Creating a Simplebatch

Creating a Batch requires the following steps:

  1. Opening the template provided by CRMC
  2. Filling in the appropriate fields
  3. Saving your batch
  4. Uploading your batch

After you've created your batch you can upload your claims to our website. Please contact us for instructions.

The template must be used or the system will not be able to read all the contents of the spreadsheet.

*If you have any questions please contact CRMC by phone (800)536-2722 or by email inquiry@claimsres.com. We also offer alternative methods for data upload, please contact us for further information.