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ReviewProgressReport [CET]

Review Progress Report [CET]

After you have uploaded your spreadsheet to eClaims you should check your messageboard to view the progress of your batch. (please wait for E-Claims to process your batch, it may take up to two hours)

  1. Log on to eClaims (www.claimsres.com)
  2. Click the option 'Msg Board'
  3. Messages for SimpleBatch will be of the message type 'BAT'
  4. Normally you will see two messages.
    • The first message is a report from a inital error check of the excel spreadsheet
      • This first message will show any errors or warnings and the corresponding row number of the excel spreadsheet which you uploaded
      • Click on the 'Error Report' link to view errors or warnings that may have been generated during the intial error check
      • Any errors listed on this report indicate that that row was not processed and will have to be resubmitted
      • Any rows listed with warnings have still been processed, but may have dropped some information that was not valid
    • The second message is a more detailed report of information that has passed the initial error check and has been processed by the system
      • This second message will have two links
        • 'The Batch Acknowledgement Report' will detail the changes made to the system based on the uploaded information
        • 'The Error Report' will detail any errors that E-Claims has found in processing data.
        • Data that is in the 'The Error Report' will have to be resubmitted'

*If you do not receive a message on your messageboard please contact CRMC.