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ExposureInformation [CET]

Exposure Information [CET]

Exposure Information is as follows. Required exposure information is bold.  All of the exposure information is in the CET-Exposure worksheet. You must 'link' each exposure record to a claimant using either the ClaimantID or the Claimant SSN from the CET-Claim worksheet. 

For each Exposure Information entry you must follow the rules below.

  • ExpsosureBeginDate
  • ExposureEndDate
  • Industry
    • use industry code of 3 for all CET Exposure records
  • Occupation
  • OccupationOther Name
    • name of the occupation if you specified 'other' in the Occupation field; required if 'other' is selected for Occupation
  • CountryOfExposure
    • must be a valid three digit country code; required if no ExposureSite is specified
  • USExpQuestion
    • valid codes are 'yes' or 'no' [without quotes]; required if Country of Exposure is neither USA or CAN
    • question text: Did this exposure occur at a U.S. military installation, U.S. Embassy complex or on a U.S. Military ship?
  • ExposureSite
    • code provided by CRMC
    • ExposureSite is required for CET claims
  • ExposureTypeCode
  • VicinityOccupation
    • three digit code provided by CRMC; required if a VicinityExposureTypeCD is specified (use same occupation codes as above)
  • VicinityOccupationOtherName
    • name of the occupation if you specified 'other' in the VicinityOccupation field; required if 'other' is selected for VicinityOccupation
  • VicinityExposureTypeCD
    • either 'i', 'ii', 'iii', 'iv', or 'v' [without quotes]; required if a VicinityOccupation is specified
  • ExposureProduct
  • ExposurePrincipal fields

*If you are unfamilar with any of the codes please contact CRMC for assistance. It is very important that the correct codes are used.

Make sure you are using the CET-Exposure worksheet for all Exposure Information!
exposure worksheet