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ClaimInformation [CET]

Claim Information [CET]

Claim information is as follows. The required information is bold. You may choose to upload information for Litigation, Smoking History, or Exposure History or all of them at once. Please see the requirements for each section.

  • Tracking Information
  • AttorneyID
    • this is provided by CRMC
  • ContactID
    • this is provided by CRMC
  • CoCounselFirmID
    • this is provided by CRMC
  • CoCounselAttorneyID
    • this is provided by CRMC
  • OccExpQuestion
    • OccupationExposureQuestion; valid codes are 'yes' or 'no' [without quotes] (This is required for CET claims only)
    • question text: Was all of the occupational exposure to Thurston Asbestos for this claim related solely to abatement or removal work by C.E. Thurston & Son's, Inc. of asbestos or asbestos-containing products which were not sold or sold and installed by C.E. Thurston & Son's, Inc.?
  • CopyDocs
    • Yes or No. Will copy all available medical documents that the claimant may already have on file to the newly created claim.
  • Litigation Information
  • HybAllegedDiseaseCD
  • Exposure Information