Bulk Upload Options

We provide two options for bulk upload. Both provide the ability to upload many claims in one batch, which can vastly decrease the time necessary to file claims with CRMC. 


The first option eTool is a java tool that will help merge the complex data required to file claims into one xml file that can be uploaded to our site. 
The benefits of using eTool:

  • ability to batch relational data in a 'multi-table' format
  • run on any architecture (java run time required)
  • test batches for formatting errors before submitting


The second option for filing multiple claims in a batch format is Simplebatch. Simplebatch allows users to fill out a spreadsheet (an excel template) and upload the spreadsheet to our site. 
The benefits of using Simplebatch:

  • ability simply cut and paste data into the excel template
  • no messy comma separated files to sort through
If you are familiar with excel and not comfortable using ETool then simplebatch is likely the best fit for your firm.

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